Trading Tutorial

How to trade? For beginners: learn how to be a trader right now!

Would you like to work in the financial market as a trader, but don’t know how to trade? So take a look in this text, which I will start a series of articles on the life of a trader and technical analysis. Let’s start from the basic 👌For everyone who is a beginner in this market!

What is trading?

Trading means “to trade”. It is used for the practice of making investments in the short and medium term in the stock and cryptocurrency markets. Trading makes it possible to return in a few weeks, days and even hours. However, it is a very risky form of investment, as it involves volatile assets in variable money.

That is, if it is variable money, it means that you cannot guarantee how much you will profit, nor will you obtain profit or loss. So it is a dangerous market, which requires cold blood and a lot of, a lot of knowledge and dedication.

How to trading? For beginners: learn how to be a trader right now!

What does the trader do?

The trader is the professional who makes these exchanges, that is, trading. But what does the trader trade? Generally, this professional analyzes the financial market, mainly stocks and cryptocurrencies. Briefly, we can say that the trader exchanges:

  • Stock: example: to exchange US $ 8,20 for a Sigma Labs INC (SGLB/USD) and vice versa;
  • Forex: where you exchange fiduciary currency for another, how to exchange R $ 5.70 for US $ 1.00 and vice versa;
  • Cryptocurrencies: where fiduciary currency is exchanged for a crypto-asset, such as US$ 55.000 for 1 BTC or even crypto for crypto, such as exchanging 1 ADA for 0.004 BNB.

Among so many other opportunities, such as futures markets, contracts, mini dollar and etc. Then, the trader will make an analysis of a specific stock or active crypto and draw its conclusion whether it is worth investing in that product or not. To draw this conclusion, the trader does two types of analysis:

  • Fundamental analysis;
  • Technical analysis.

What is fundamental investment analysis

Fundamental analysis is an analysis based on news and feelings about an asset. For example, a national airline announces the acquisition of another, larger, international airline. What is the feeling that will be aroused? “Wow! Is the national company buying that big one? Damn it! They’re really expanding, huh ?! They’re going to grow!“.

This feeling of “they will grow more” causes investors to buy the shares of that company today, so that after the company grows and the value of the company increases, the value of its shares will consequently increase. This way, those who bought the shares in the past, will be able to sell them now more expensive than in the purchase, pocketing the profits.

But this can happen suddenly, too, for example what happened to Petrobras’ actions recently, after the announcement by the Brazilian federal government to appoint a military man with no training in the area, to preside over the state company. In just two days after the announcement, Petrobras’ shares fell 25%. An estimated loss of R $ 100 billion in market value is estimated! 😱

How to trading? For beginners: learn how to be a trader right now!

Or, citing yet another good example of fundamental analysis in the crypto world, was when Elon Musk tweeted about Bitcoin and Dogecoin. This made everyone invest in both cryptocurrencies, taking prices to the moon!

Other types of fundamental analysis to learn how to trade

However, it is not just the news that is taken into account, the potential and credibility of the company as well! Bitcoin is an example of this and here on the website, we have posted two articles that are taken into account as fundamental analysis:

This type of analysis is usually done for long-term investments and we see more investors than traders in this market (although the trader is also an investor, but not every investor is a trader).

How to trade using technical analysis?

Technical analysis is an analysis based on the behavior of investors and traders. To do this type of analysis, we use much more logical reasoning and patterns than “feelings”. This is where that candlestick chart comes in, or as it is called: candlestick, which you can familiarize yourself with below:

How to trading? For beginners: learn how to be a trader right now!

Technical analysis does not show what will happen to the price of a particular asset, but it can give you a good idea! This is because the candlestick chart is nothing more than a record of the behavior of people working in this market. And according to this record and comparisons with older patterns, it is possible to predict the next movements of the graph.

But it’s just a notion, you can’t always get it right! There is no way to guarantee 100% assertiveness, as we only analyze a certain drawing on the graph and we think: “Look, the last time that (pattern) drawing appeared on this asset in this way, the price fell, so it is likely that same thing now! “.


So here is an alert for you: people / companies that GUARANTEE a return of so many % per day or per month in the variable income market, such as stocks and mainly cryptocurrencies, IS SCAM! Probably a pyramid! Because there is no way to be sure, much less guarantee gains! There will always be losses, just the trader managing his risks! YOU CANNOT GUARANTEE GAINS IN THE CRYPTO MARKET!

Due to these earlier behaviors, analysts were able to set some patterns. And these patterns are those designs that are repeated periodically in candlestick, indicating that something will happen with the price of that asset. And from these behavior patterns, it is possible to develop and use indicators to help us look at the graphs.

Difference between graphical analysis and technical analysis

Technical analysis takes into account indicators, indexes and graphs to trade, and not news, as I explained above in the fundamental analysis. In fact, one thing we’ll talk about later, about Dow and Elliott Theory, is that prices and charts already absorb this news, but that’s for another text.

The graphical analysis, on the other hand, will take into account the graph itself, which can be lines, bars, candles, among others and the elements related to the graph, such as trends and behavior patterns. These patterns, these are the drawings that I mentioned in the previous texts:

Ascendant triangle

Ascendant triangle, which I explain in: “Bitcoin (BTC) price analysis. $ 60k by Sunday?

Bullish pivot

Bullish pivot, which I show the concept and how to identify one in: “Bitcoin (BTC) price analysis today, 07/03/21! Bulls forcing a pivot!

Shoulder, head and shoulder

Shoulder, head and shoulder, which I showed the double formation in this Bitcoin analysis here.

How to do trading in practice?

To learn how to trade, you need to know how to read a candlestick chart and understand all the psychology behind this type of investment. So here on the website we are going to publish a sequence of texts explaining the technical analysis, so that you learn to become a trader, even if you don’t know anything about it – yet!

As I post the texts here, I will link in this article, so you can learn step by step, ok? And if any links are missing here in this text, just go here in the column next to 👉 in the “trading” category and keep track of the posts, starting from the bottom up, ok?

To become a trader, you will need to know and have already done everything in this article here: “5 steps to start investing in Bitcoin – 2021“. After you have done all of these steps in this article, then it’s time to move on to the next few texts teaching you about trading! And for any questions, you can find me here in the comments or on the social networks below 👇

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Price analysis

Bitcoin (BTC) price analysis today, 3/8/21. $ 60k until SUNDAY?

Let’s go to technical analysis for this second, women’s day, 03/08/21? Come with me, I have a good feeling this week, which ends well before my birthday! Uhuu! 🎈🎂


🔸 Weekly chart

We started a new candle on the weekly chart yesterday at 9pm. However, the analysis remains the same as the previous analysis: we need to classify the $ 43,000 level as an upside fund. And for that, we need a bullish pivot on the daily chart. So to better understand, see the previous analysis by clicking here: “Bitcoin (BTC) price analysis today, 03/07/21! Bulls forcing a pivot!“.

🔸 Daily chart for today, 03/08/21

The bulls are fighting to form the bullish pivot and for that, we need to close a daily candle above $ 52,700. This pivot being formed, then we will be loaded for another high kick!

Bitcoin (BTC) price analysis today, 3/8/21. $ 60k until Sunday?

We need to be very smart when testing the breakdown of the 52,700 USD, as in this region, the selling force (or the bears) can use a strategy called “Top Fishing”. In other words, the bears will be sold in the region of 57.700, which is a resistance, aiming to “fish” the weaker traders. As it is a very well-defined resistance, you can go short at US $ 57,700, with a stop loss of up to 1.5%, targeting gains of 10 to 20%. It is precisely because of this movement of bears in top fishing, that we are having difficulty overcoming this resistance.

🔸 4 hour chart

In order for the above-mentioned bullish pivot to be confirmed and to set the ascending fund on the weekly chart, we need to keep our eyes open on the 4-hour chart so that it does not miss the upward trend! 👀 The inverted OCO that I am talking about in the last 2 analyzes was also invalidated, as we did not see a break in the resistance. However, by invalidating the OCO, we form a new pattern: the ascending triangle.

Análise de preço do Bitcoin (BTC) hoje, 08/03/21. US$ 60k até DOMINGO?

The ascending triangle is a bullish pattern as it tends to break upwards. To identify it, you need to draw a line on the resistors, and another line on the supports. See that the candles draw a zigzag inside the triangle, sometimes touching the support line, sometimes the resistance line. The closer to the apex of this triangle, the closer we are to a break, which can be up or down.

For the Bitcoin price analysis today, on 3/8/21, we can say that we have about a 70% chance of breaking up and a 30% chance of breaking down. However, if we compile everything we have from Bitcoin news and other analysis, I would say that we will break this pattern and reach the target by my birthday Sunday now, 03/14! 😁 It will be a big gift, huh ?! 🎈🎉🎊

How to trade it?

This text is not an investment recommendation, as I am not a full analyst yet. However, I want to share with you my analysis, so you can see how trading works.

It is very likely that we will retest the support there where I circulated in blue, ranging from US $ 48,700 to 49,100, approximately. This value may vary, depending on the behavior of Bitcoin. I would consider it a good buy entry, to catch the movement at the very bottom, as long as the candles do not break the triangle. Because if these candles break the support, then we will see a devaluation of the BTC price.

So, I would stay on the 1-hour chart looking at the candles and when it touch the support, I will keep my eyes open! When the candles start the path to resistance again, then I would go long (long position, betting on the price increase). Which, even, is a scalp or daytrade opportunity up to the level of $ 51,400 to 51,500, circled in red.

Bitcoin (BTC) price analysis today, 3/8/21. $ 60k until Sunday?
🎯 Targets
  • If the pattern breaks up, that is, rising more than the resistance of 51,500 USD and we confirm this break (HAVE TO CONFIRM, OK ?!), the target will be around 59 or 60,000 USD.
  • If the pattern is broken and confirmed downwards, then we look for the region of the previous fund, between 43 and 42 thousand USD.
Bitcoin (BTC) price analysis today, 3/8/21. $ 60k until Sunday?

Bitcoin testing exponential moving averages (EMA)

Another factor that makes me believe in the upward break of the ascending triangle is the exponential moving averages. Here in my Trading View account, I put the “Rainbow Ribbon [Eric]” indicator, which is this rainbow on the chart with the EMAs 21, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and 200. I don’t know if it will appear in the free accounts or just in the paid ones, try it out and let me know here in the comments 👇 so I can look for a free indicator for you. See the behavior of Bitcoin when it enters or goes below EMAS: the price tends to go up!

Price analysis

Are you ready to take a position today, 08/03/21? Whether betting high or fighting bulls in top fishing? Tell me here in the comments 👇👇 And be sure to follow Aprender Sobre Bitcoin on social media!

Bitcoin To The Moon! 🚀🚀🚀


Price analysis

Bitcoin price analysis today, 3/6/2021. Two OCO formations!

📊 BITCOIN 3/6/2021


We are certainly still in a bullish trend, which has been going on since July / 2020, which is easily identified on the weekly chart. Now we are looking for the bottom fund to have more strength to go up, which is extremely healthy, normal and necessary to keep going up.
Anything above 30k USD is an upside bottom on the weekly chart. However, the price would drop too low for us to have the strength to make a new historic top. I prefer the fund to be up to 40k USD.

Bitcoin price analysis today, 3/6/2021. Two OCO formations!
Weekly chart

RSI in 70, so we need to be smart, because at some point, we will need to lower that level, which is already happening now, although it is still high. Which is nothing serious compared to the RSI for the week of 4/1/21, which was 95 and that of 15/02/21, which was 88.

🔸 DAILY (3/6/2021):

Upward trend, for sure!

You can see it from the Trading View charts, which have been rising since Oct / 20, with ever higher tops (rising tops) and lower and lower bottoms (rising funds).

We are forming the bottom fund at the moment, this justifies the low prices that we are seeing. On the Bitcoin daily chart, any fund above 30k (USD) is a rising, normal, necessary and healthy fund. If we stick to that, it is considered a downside fund, and a possible trend reversal. Only in this case, we will go down so much with the price that we will hardly form a new historic top, we will not have strength.

In my opinion, we are doing the bottom up now in the diary. And maybe he was even trained at 42k USD. In order to continue the upward trend, we need to go beyond the historic top to make a new rising top.

Bitcoin price analysis today, daily chart

RSI at a good level: 53. Last time we were below 40, for example, was on 8 / sep / 20. Below 50, it was on 2/28/21, at the bottom of 42k USD. Before that, on 01/27/21, in the previous upside fund, at the price of 30k USD. And before that, on 10/6/21, at 11k USD. For me, we have already formed the fund in the 42k!


We have a huge bearish pattern, with one shoulder, head and shoulder forming on the 4-hour chart. If this pattern is confirmed, we can see prices dropping up to 41 or 42k USD.

Shoulder head and shoulder, bearish pattern on the Bitcoin 4-hour chart

However, this bearish pattern will only be confirmed if we break the white support line on the 4-hour chart. That will be more or less around 46,300 USD. After confirmation, it is a short opportunity up to 42k USD and the next target at 41k USD.


It is very important that the pattern is confirmed. Otherwise, the price may go up rather than fall.

However … incredibly we have the same pattern, only much larger and inverted, which means a bullish scenario! Which will be confirmed first? After confirmation, which will break the upper white line, around 52k USD, we have the first target at 58k USD and the second at 60k USD. That is, we also have a long opportunity.

Bitcoin Analysis 3/6/2021

Remembering that after confirmation, one default cancels the other. That is, if the bearish pattern is confirmed, it invalidates the inverted high OCO and vice versa.

Now, we just have to wait for the candles to form on the 4-hour chart to position us! Follow the Learn About Bitcoin on the social networks below and don’t forget: any questions, call me there in the Telegram group!

Kisses to you! Good trades! ❤