Best trading bot for crypto: Bitsgap!

Looking for a good cryptocurrency trading bot? Then follow this tutorial to learn about Bitsgap, the best trading bot!

Still don’t know what trading is? So take a look at this text, which I explain (briefly), about trading with Bitcoin: “What is Bitcoin? Complete guide 2020“.

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If you haven’t seen the ranking of the best cryptocurrency bots, check out: “What are the best robots for cryptocurrency trading?”. There I listed Bitsgap as the best cryptocurrency bot!

Bitsgap trading bot banner

Finally a bot to call our own ♥

We always discussed in the Telegram group about best cryptocurrency trading robots and I was never able to make a good recommendation from one!

But now there is Bitsgap here, where I already use it on my Binance account and my tradings are automatically rolling while I write this article.

Now without delay, because it’s been months since I owe you a post like this, let’s see the Bitsgap tutorial and review!

Bitsgap: cryptocurrency trading bot price

There are 3 paid plans and 1 free plan, each plan is for a type of costumer. However, all plans include the standard features below:

All plans of Bitsgap bot include this features

Paid plans of Bitsgap

Bitsgap thought about its customers and decided to give users a trial period for trying the bot: regardless of the plan you choose, you can try it for free for 14 days!

For each new registration made here with this link, the user receives 14 days of testing in a professional account (PRO, 110 USD / month) to try, learn and see how the investment bot works. This way, when those 14 days are over, you will need to choose a subscription according to the chosen plan! Or stop using the bot right.

See below the 3 monthly plans and what are the differences between them.

Bitsgap: cryptocurrency trading robot price

Free cryptocurrency trading bot

The free plan is for those who want to get started and understand how Bitsgap’s cryptocurrency trading robot works. It also serves, for those who are afraid to use the robot and do not want to spend money.

However, the trading volume is very limited: USD 1000. So, once you hit that volume, you won’t be able to use the Bitsgap bot.

Anyway, one thing you can do is use your free account until you reach your trading limit. And then go on a paid bot plan, after all, you will have 14 days to try it for free and only then should you pay the monthly fee.

One thing I can say: it’s worth it, ok? As I said before, while this article is being written, the bot is working in my trading!

Register at Bitsgap in 3 steps

1) Access the official Bitsgap website by clicking here. There in the top menu, in the corner of the screen, click on “Sign Up”;

Register at Bitsgap. Tutorial and step by step of the Bitsgap trading bot.

2) Fill out your registration form by entering your email and creating a password, or by logging in using your Google or Facebook account.

Note that there are two checkboxes: the first you need to read and accept, which are the terms of use. The second is to receive educational content (which is very good) from Bitsgap. This one, you are not required to accept, but you should!

Register at Bitsgap. Tutorial and step by step of the Bitsgap trading bot.

3) Confirm your email by the message that was sent to you. Make sure the email is not in the spam box! And then just login to your Bitsgap account, simple as that, can you belive?

How to connect an exchange at Bitsgap?

Bitsgap bot is very easy to use and I will teach you here everything you need to know to make your first trades.

After logging into Bitsgap, you will need to connect an exchange with a cryptocurrency balance to operate. Currently, there are 25 exchanges available, just choose one. For our example, we will choose Binance.

Which exchanges can I use at Bitsgap?

You can choose from more than 25 exchanges, including: Binance, Bitfinex, OKex, Huobi, HitBTC, Bittrex, KuCoin, EXMO, Kraken,, Livecoin, Poloniex, Bitstamp, Coinbene,, CoinEx, Gemini, Gate .io, Liquid, Lbank, YoBit, THEROCKtrading, Bibox, Bit-Z, DDEX, BigONEBithumb.

Tip for using the Bitsgap cryptocurrency trading bot!

Regardless of which exchange you choose, buy your cryptocurrencies in your country and then you transfer to those exchanges that work at Bitsgap so that Bot can do trading.

Connect exchange at Bitsgap

Well, let’s go to our example, where we will use Binance. For other exchanges that you choose, the process should be very similar!

1) In the top menu on the Bitsgap website, click on “My exchanges”;

2) A message will appear on the screen, as you do not have any exchange registered yet. So, click on “Add new exchanges”;

Register at Bitsgap. Tutorial and step by step of the Bitsgap trading bot.

3) Now you have to access your Binance or exchange account you are using;

4) After logging into the exchange, go to the top menu in your Binance account and click on “API Management”;

5) On the screen that will appear, fill in the “Name the API key” field and enter any name you can get to afterwards. In our example it will be “Bitsgap bot”;

Create API for trading bot at Binance

6) Click on “Create”;

7) Done! A QR Code and two keys will appear on the Binance website.

  • You will paste the API key in the “API KEY” field on the form that appeared on the Bitsgap website.
  • And the secret key that appears on the Binance website, will paste into the “Secret key” form on the Bitsgap website.

8) Click on “Connect” and you’re done! In a few seconds your balance will appear on the Bitsgap screen. Remembering that you need to have balance in the wallet for the bot be able to trade. And you can connect to more than one exchange to increase your earning possibilities, okay?

Create API at Binance to use in the trading robot


Now that you already have a connected exchange and balance in the wallet, let’s learn how to use the Bitsgap bot.

1) There in the top menu, click on “Bots”;

2) There in the side menu, you will have a form to configure your bot, take a look and I will explain what each field is and how to use them:

  • STRATEGY – is the strategy that you will use in your bot. Currently, SBot has shown better results, being a highly efficient bot;
  • EXCHANGE – choose the exchange you registered the API with and would like to apply the Bitsgap Bot configuration;
  • PAIR – is the trading pair that you want the bot to trade;
  • LOWER and UPPER PRICE – is the range that your price can fluctuate, that is, the minimum and maximum price that the Bitsgap robot can operate;
  • GRID – is the number of grids. The explanation of this parameter is a little extensive, so I talk about it better below, in the topic: “what is grid in trading with bitsgap bot”.
How to use the Bitsgap robot. Tutorial and step by step

3) After making your settings, just click “Start”!

What is grid in trading with bitsgap bot?

The number of grids in your price range will directly affect the percentage of earnings between the two orders in the grid (the purchase price and the sale price). The determination of the ideal value depends on your trading style and budget:

  • If you prefer to conduct frequent trades with a small% profit and ensure the probability of executing orders, then you must increase the number of grades.
  • If your budget is limited or you want to receive a higher% of profit, at the cost of decreasing the chances of orders being executed – then you must decrease the number of grades.

To obtain the best results, Bitsgap recommends adjusting your profit per grade between 0.5% and 2%.


Another thing you can do is check the Bots that are working at the moment.

For example: scrolling down the screen a bit, you will see some strategies and their performance.

How to use the Bitsgap robot. Tutorial and step by step

Just click on the strategy you want to use and then apply it to your trades. The cryptocurrency bot will be working, even when you’re offline!

And then guys, what did you think about this trading bot? Give us your opinion and if you need any help with the Bitsgap bot, just call! ;D


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